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Did you know that you can import records from Copac into bibliographic referencing software? You can save directly into the software from your web browser using the "Export As" option from the bottom of each record, or search and download records directly from within your referencing software.


As a result of a change in their local library system we are reloading the NLW/LlGC catalogue. This means their old records have been removed from Copac and their new records are gradually reappearing as the reload takes place.

photo of an early printed book from Middle Temple
Nonnio Marcello Saia, Di Nonio Marcello Saia da la Roccha gloriosa in Lucania, Ragionamenti sopra la celeste sfera, Paris, 1552. Reproduced with permission of the Benchers of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. Find out more about this library.

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