Royal College of Psychiatrists Antiquarian book collection catalogue loaded

We’re pleased to have added the catalogue of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Antiquarian book collection to Copac.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional body for psychiatrists in the UK and Ireland. It began in 1841 as the Association of Medical Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane. In 1926 it received its Royal Charter to become the Royal Medico Psychological Association and it finally became the Royal College of Psychiatrists after receiving a Supplemental Charter in 1971.

Royal College of Psychiatrists Library

Royal College of Psychiatrists Library

The Antiquarian book collection consists of English, German and French language books which were donated to the predecessor bodies of the College between 1895 and 1971. Some of the books in the collection date back to the 15th century. Most of the books are from the working libraries of doctors Daniel Hack Tuke, J. R. Lord, C Lockhart Robertson and J. R. Whitwell, T Hyslop, P.W. MacDonald, H. H. Newington, Professor Pighini, R. H. H. Sankey, G Smith, W Starkey, H Yellowlees, and others. The books were either written or edited by notable authors such as Daniel Hack Tuke, Forbes Winslow, Henry Maudsley, John Connolly, Emil Kraepelin and many others.

The collection is a great source of information for the study of psychiatry and psychology. The subjects covered include The structure, functions and diseases of the brain; Causes and cures of nervous disorders; Administration of asylums; Philosophy and anatomy of sleep; Causes, prevention and treatment of mental disorders; Habitual drunkenness.

To browse, or limit your search to the holdings of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Antiquarian book collection, go to the main tab on and choose ‘Royal College of Psychiatrists’ from the drop-down list of libraries.

National Railway Museum Library loaded

We are pleased to announce that the holdings of Search Engine, the National Railway Museum’s Library, are now available on Copac.

The library and archive collections at the National Railway Museum form one of the largest resources of railway and transport history in the world. The Library Collection is international in scope and covers all time periods.

  • Over 20 thousand books and 800 journal titles, of which 300 are current subscriptions
  • Railway company works archives and drawings
  • Official publications and publicity such as Accident Reports, holiday guides, timetables and tickets
  • Technical records describing locomotive performance and design
  • Extensive photographic, art and poster collection

You can see more details about Search Engine on their information page on the Copac website.

    Royal College of Music Library loaded

    We are pleased to announce that the holdings of the Royal College of Music Library are now on Copac.

    The Library contains a wealth of material, over 400,000 items, ranging from rare, early 16th-Century printed music to standard musical repertoire and from 78 rpm recordings to compact discs and DVDs. The collections of music literature include much rare material as well as all the major encyclopaedias, bibliographies, catalogues and standard works in most musical genres, as well as over 600 music periodical titles.

    The addition of these holdings will greatly enhance the range of music material discoverable through Copac.

    National Trust libraries loaded

    Library at Dunham Massey

    Library at Dunham Massey

    We are pleased to announce that the libraries of the National Trust are now live on Copac. This is the first time that the National Trust’s catalogue has been available to search online.

    The National Trust owns 140 historic libraries, containing around 230,000 titles, generally preserved in the places where they were originally assembled and read. Many are country house libraries, some collected by wealthy bibliophiles, others containing more practical everyday books, including rare provincial printing. Other collections reflect the interests of middle-class readers; some were assembled by literary figures, such as Kipling and Shaw.

    Together these libraries provide an unparalleled resource for the study of the history of private book ownership in Britain and Ireland. The collections will be of interest to researchers from a wide range of disciplines, and include a huge variety of materials, from illuminated manuscripts to picture postcards.

    For fuller details please see the National Trust’s Books and Manuscripts collection webpages, or contact You can also see the National Trust’s library page on Copac.

    We are confident that exposure of these exciting resources will be of great benefit to the education and research communities.

    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew catalogue loaded

    We have loaded the catalogue of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The Library and Archives at Kew hold one of the largest collections in the world of printed and original material relating to botany. The Library is the national collection for botanical literature and is international in its coverage In addition to the core collection on botany the collection also covers mycology and economic botany. The Library’s particular strengths lie in material on the non-temperate areas of the world. The catalogue includes details of materials held at both Kew and Wakehurst Place.
    The catalogue has been added as part of the Copac Challenge Fund.

    Tate Library (Tate Britain) records loaded

    The complete catalogue of the Tate Library (Tate Britain) has now been loaded on Copac. The library covers British art since 1500 and international art since 1900. The library holds over 40, 000 books, 140,000 exhibition catalogues and many rare items in its special collections.The collections’ strengths are modern and contemporary art.The collections focus on fine art in the Western tradition although coverage is being extended to other regions.

    The records have been added as part of the Challenge Fund

    Image of Tate Britain by xrrr, made available under a Creative Commons licence

    Institute of Education's records added

    Records from the Institute of Education’s online catalogue have been added to Copac.

    The Institute of Education has the “largest collection in Europe of learned books and periodicals on educational studies”. The library covers all aspects of education both in the UK and internationally. It also covers education-related topics such as psychology, philosophy, sociology and linguistics. The library has 22 special collections (although not all are available on Copac) which are mainly historical but some, such as the Official Publications collection, contain current materials.

    The records have been loaded as part of the Copac Challenge Fund.

    Photo by stevecadman

    University of Essex's Latin American collection added to Copac

    Records for Latin American materials at the University of Essex have been added
    to Copac. Copac already contains records for the REES (Russian and East European Studies) collection.

    The Latin American collection contains materials from and about all countries of Latin America, the greatest number of records covering Argentina, Brazil and Mexico whilst the Uruguayan and Chilean holdings are among the most extensive in the UK. The principal languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The subjects reflect the Latin American teaching a research strengths within the university which cover most of the humanities and social sciences: art history, economic and social history, history, language, literature and politics.

    It contains a significant collection of reference works: bibliographies, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and atlases. Minor specialities have been developed in:

    • Latin American cinema
    • Brazilian chapbooks (literatura de cordel)
    • Mexican codices in facsimile

    University of Essex’s Latin American records have been added as part of the Challenge Fund.

    Photo of the University library by access.denied: